Don't You Know Who I Am? (2nd edition)

Don't You Know Who I Am? (2nd edition)

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Although man landed on the moon and deciphered his own genetic code, our interpersonal behavior has not improved significantly since the time we hunted mammoths. Of all behaviors, arrogance is the least needed, and history has shown that it has never led to anything other than wars, disasters, hatred, and a huge amount of failure, mostly to the detriment of the arrogant.

This book explores the great upheavals caused by arrogance and the ways in which it has changed the world – underestimation, cultural arrogance, self-sufficiency as a result of monopoly... Arrogance usually causes social tensions and just one word is enough to start a revolution and collapse.

In this book, Ari Turunen argues why arrogant and underestimating behavior is so common and wonders if we can do anything about it. This book can also be considered arrogant, the author points out, and adds:
„Who am I to subsequently condemn other people's attempts and failures?“


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Ari Turunen, a Finnish journalist, columnist and publicist, was born in 1966 in Helsinki. He holds degrees in social and political sciences. He became known as the author of columns in the Metro and Kaleva newspapers, and also collaborated with the Finnish IT Science Center (CSC). He worked as a science journalist for twenty years, and gave numerous lectures on the history of culture and worldview in radio shows.

He has written several books on stereotypes, superstitions, lies and habits, full of vivid anecdotes about patterns of human behavior. We single out the books Hyvän ja pahan merkit, eli, Taikauskoisten tapojen tarina (2002) and Tosi on! Valheen, vääristelyn ja vilpin historiaa (2005). Book Don't You Know Who I Am? A History of Arrogance was published in Finland in 2010 and has been translated into several European languages. We published the Croatian translation of that book in 2017, and this is the second, modified edition. We published Turunen's second book, After You Madam. A Short History of Proper Behaviour, in 2018.

  • ISBN: 978-953-8075-80-3
  • Dimensions: 128x200 mm
  • Number of pages: 204
  • Cover: paperback
  • Year of the edition: 2020
  • Original title: Ettekö te tiedä, kuka minä olen. Ylimielisyyden historiaa
  • Original language: Finnish
  • Translation: Boris Vidović