Edward Payson Evans

Edward Payson Evans (December 8, 1831 – March 6, 1917) was a United States scholar and linguist.

Edward P. Evans graduated from the University of Michigan in 1854, and then taught at an academy in Hernando, Mississippi, for one year. He then became a professor at Carroll University (then Carroll College) in Waukesha, Wisconsin. From 1858 to 1862, he traveled abroad, and studied at the universities of Göttingen, Berlin and Munich. On his return to the United States, he became professor of modern languages in the University of Michigan.

Besides many articles in reviews and magazines, he published Abriss der deutschen Literaturgesehichte (New York, 1869) a Progressive German Reader (1870), and translated Adolf Stahr's Life and Works of Lessing and Coquerel's First Historical Transformations of Christianity in 1867. Some of his most acclaimed works are Animal Symbolism in Art and Literature (1887) and Animal symbolism in ecclesiastical architecture (1887), History of German Literature (5 volumes, 1898), Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals (1906).

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