We invite you to the event "In a good bookompany", which will be held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media and the partnership of the National and University Library on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, starting at 2:30 p.m. at the National and University Library in Zagreb.

"In a good bookompany" is an initiative of our publishing house to create a national platform for all who encourage reading as an important form of personal knowledge and development, and promote the importance of cultural dialogue. The theme of the event in Zagreb is In the global backyard and has three parts: a panel with respectable participants from different fields, a conversation between two interesting guests on the topic of reading and branding, and an inspiring talk by a man who brought mathematics closer to the wider population.

We will discuss the importance of reading and transferring knowledge in the global backyard, connecting with the world in which we value our own, but also other cultures. We will also talk about the role of the media in encouraging reading, branding in the global backyard and the impact we are having on the world. In short, we will spread knowledge and promote reading in interaction with the public. We chose the following titles as the subject of our conversations: Erika Fatland – Sovietistan; Sylvain Tesson – The Art of Patience: Seeking the Snow Leopard in Tibet; Jean Ziegler – Capitalism explained to my granddaughter; Shaun Walker – The long hangover, and Francis Fukuyama – Identity.

Be "In a good bookompany" with Vlatka KolarovićKsenija Banović, Tamara Babun, Hrvoje Balen, Ivan Koprić, Danica Ramljak, Višeslav Raos, Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić, Dražen Klarić, Božo Skoko and Toni Milun. Ante Gelo will provide the ideal musical background, and our media sponsors and donors will take care of additional information and healthy refreshments.

Support this initiative with your arrival. Our motto is: Read, learn, enjoy!

Snjezana Bahtijari, the manager of the "In a good bookompany" project gave an interview to Večernji list's Božena Matijević on March 7th. In the interview, she presented this project and its goals. 

You can read the interview here.

The manager of our project, Snježana Bahtijari, gave an interview to Večernji TV in which she told how the project came about, presented its goals and presented the panel participants as well as the books published by TIM press that will serve as a basis for the conversation.

You can watch and listen to the entire interview here.

"In a good bookompany" is just a day away!  You can access the event programme here.

After months of effort, work, meetings, agreements and planning, the day came when we successfully finished the first, Zagreb phase of the project „In a good bookompany“!

In front of a full auditorium in the National and University Library, our panelists showed that reading, knowledge, communication and dialogue are very important topics in our society.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in one way or another in the organization and implementation of this innovative project to encourage reading, especially the Ministry of Culture and Media, Minister Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Ivica Poljičak, Renata Margetić Urlić and Ana Perišić Mijić, Director of the National and University Library Ivanka Stričević, Sofija Klarin Zadravec, Maja Priselac, Dobrila Zvonarek and Miro Pavlek.

Without the participants of the program, moderators Vlatka Kolarović and Ksenija Banović, and panelists Višeslav Raos, Tamara Babun, Hrvoje Josip Balen, Ivan Koprić, Danica Ramljak, Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić, Dražen Klarić, Božo Skoko, Toni Milun and musician Ante Gelo whose guitar sounds we enjoyed, we would not have found out if reading really changes the world and what is the link between identity and branding, and we also got an insight into some interesting details of their relationship with books.

Thanks also go to our media sponsors: Večernji list, Lider, Zaposlena, Poslovni dnevnik, Poslovni FM, QLife, Yammat FM, Apertus; donors and sponsors: Zdravi pinklec, Letizia, Jabuka.hr, Smarter, Jamnica, ambassadors of reading in „In a good bookompany“: Alenka Radović Pevec, Lidija Gašparović, Vesna Jurić Bulatović, collaborators: Maja Kojić, Jasna Glavaš, Aleksandra Gavrilović, and finally, but not least, to the friends of „In a good bookompany“: Božena Matijević, Ana Balić, Letizija Zadravec, Ana Gruden, Miodrag Šajatović, Krešimir Macan, Dražen Novak, Antonela Radman, Nataša Božić Šarić, Tamara Džebić, Zrinka Turalija Kurtak, Darko Buković, Tončica Čeljuska, Antonija Vrčić, Ivona Kovačević, Ana Kareš and Dario Topić.

Keep following us to find out about new events within this project, and until then: Read, learn, enjoy!

Božena Matijević, a journalist from Večernji list, wrote a comprehensive overview of the „In a good bookompany“ event that took place in Zagreb, and announced the second phase of the project which will take place in Split. You can read the full overview here.

Media sponsors: Večernji list, Lider Media, Yammat FM, Zaposlena, Poslovni FM, qLife, Poslovni dnevnik, Apertus

Sponsors: Zdravi pinklec, Letizia, Smarter, JabukaHR, Jamnica