Contemplating the Prussian Bard of the nineteenth century truly seems outdated in the twenty first. Author Boris Bosančić is also aware of this and so calls himself a postnietzschean, bringing us from his early nietzscheances, through nietzscheances to postnietzscheances and the (re)contextualization of Nietzsche’s thought in the age of his “Übermorgen men”, that is, ourselves. It seems the teaching of the “German Zarathustra” is (again) becoming topical in our modern society because some of his predictions are now fully coming to fruition. Bosančić offers us an explanation of these words wittingly written for the least amount of people, so that every person might for themselves glimpse the key to understanding, after all, the man of today.

* * *

It seems there is not a philosopher, free spirit or mere man who in the twenty first century still thinks, but hasn’t been influenced by Friedrich Nierzsche’s thought. We, the nietzscheans of this century – to Nietzsche his “Übermorgen men” sometimes seem like postnietzscheans when we start to experiment with our thoughts. Nietzsche himself in Beyond Good and Evil called these philosophers the philosophers of the future; these are the philosophers, he said, that will jealously keep “their own” discovered truths to themselves, not wanting them to apply to everyone! But this book has no intention of being some sort of philosophy of the future… It's author is just one of thousands of nietzscheans, postnietzscheans and even antineatzscheans who to this day think on this world. Some of them publish books, and some just think or live what their Teacher thought and lived.

Boris Bosančić

  • ISBN: 978-953-369-002-5
  • Dimensions: 120×190 mm
  • Number of pages: 176
  • Cover: paperback
  • Year of the edition: 2021