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Faced with climate change, can technology save the climate? Is France really a role model in fight against climate change? What can Barack Obama do? Why things progress in China? Who does not want the success of the climate negotiations?
After the UN conference on climate change (COP21) that was held in Paris in December 2015, the book Climate. 30 questions for understanding the Conference in Paris provides solutions for understanding the advantages and disadvantages of climate conferences. Authors Pascal Canfin and Peter Staime, who were accompanying negotiations and participating in them, decrypt geopolitical issues, economic and financial environment of the summit in Paris crucial for our future. "The battle for Paris" was neither won or lost, but the battle for cleaner environment is currently being led in the official circles of economic and financial world, as well as with the necessary mobilization of the citizenry.

Foreword of the Croatian edition was written by dr. sc. Mirela Holy, and afterword by Zoran Skala.

"Besides the fact they collected all the important results of scientific research on climate change, the authors Pascal Canfin and Peter Staime have tried to explain how our technology can help and how much it is necessary to change the way of life and the effects on the environment. They explained negotiation stances of major emitter countries and interests that influenced the results of previous conferences for which we have all lost the time needed for a gradual adjustment. They offered us a vision of what life might look like if we can mobilize ourselves and cooperate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and on adapting to climate change.
For us in Croatia it is essential that our national contribution is commensurate with our size and in terms of achieving the global goal of 2 °C, that our plans are in line with what it takes to make our impact on the climate constantly decreased - to complete decarbonization and to strengthen the resistance to those climatic disturbances and other emergency pressures that can not be avoided." From the Afterword by Zoran Skala

Pascal Canfin, politician and writer, former Minister of Development of France (2012 - 2014). One of the most important experts in charge of preparing the Conference COP21 to be held in December 2015 in Paris. The main adviser on climate change at the World Resources Institute (WRI), the most important world organization for environmental issues. Representative in the European Parliament.

Peter Staime, the co-author of the book Climate. 30 questions for understanding the Conference in Paris, is already for a decade one of the main experts in international climate negotiations. He has published a number of professional and scientific papers in specialized scientific journals.

  • ISBN: 978-953-8075-09-4
  • Year of the edition: 2015
  • Number of pages: 200
  • Cover: paperback
  • Original title: Climat. 30 questions pour comprendre la Conférence de Paris
  • Original language: French
  • Translation: Sanda Katalenić, Jasna Skala
  • Dimensions: 130x210 mm