In the book Anti-Semitism Pierre-André Taguieff deals with genealogy and typology of what is frequently and incorrectly called anti-Semitism. This derogatory term that belongs to a racist range of thinking is not sufficient to cover the entire anti-Jewish practice and its discourse. This is why the author chose somewhat more neutral concept through which he can articulate his thoughts: Judeophobia. Taguieff takes us from ancient Judeophobia, which opposes Jewish faith and its customs, through christian anti-Judaism and anti-religious Judeophobia of the Enlightenment that has anti-capitalist, revolutionary and socialist origins, to the present racist and nationalistic concept or radical anti-Zionism. Explaining various forms of Judeophobia, the author shows how aversion, fears and passions were generated and, post hoc, how were they justified even though they could and should not be.

Hostility toward Jews often takes two different forms, which, radicalized, illustrate, on the one hand universalist type of Judeophobia, based on the denial of Jewish identity and, on the other hand, differential type of Judeophobia, which includes denial of their humanity, that is exclusion of Jews from the human race. They could coose to disappear as Jews (the logic of complete assimilation in which one can find the unaccepted racism) or to disappear from the face of the Earth (racist logic of physical extermination). Understood as a strictly modern phenomenon, anti-Semitism is marked by social, economic and political components as well as by racist modes of legitimation, that are replacing the theological or religious rationalization of the traditional anti-Judaism.

The book Anti-Semitism from our new Kyklos edition provides exquisitely articulated, comprehensive and effective review of a concept that, sadly, stands relevant even today.

  • ISBN: 978-953-8075-23-0
  • Dimensions: 110x190 mm
  • Number of pages: 142
  • Cover: paperback
  • Year of the edition: 2017
  • Original title: L' antisémitisme
  • Original language: French
  • Translation: Vanda Kušpilić and Jelena Butković