Tijana Trako Poljak

Tijana Trako Poljak (1983) is a professor at the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. She obtained her PhD in 2013 with a dissertation titled "Uloga državotvornih simbola u izgradnji identiteta hrvatskog društva" from which the published book was created. Her professional and research interests are related to the area of symbolic identity construction, with special emphasis on national and religious identities, social ecology, rural sociology and microsociological approaches as well as qualitative methods. She is the author of a series of scientific papers, a coeditor of scientific journal on contemporary Croatian identity, and has been present at numerous international and domestic scientific conferences. Trako Poljak has actively participated in scientific publishing, advancement of her profession and popularization of science. She won several scholarships, most notable one is the Fulbright scholarship at the University of California, Los Angeles.